Contact Information

Please note that advisors should be contacted if you are seeking information for the following: local scholarships, service hours, Awards Night, & activities pertaining to the class of 2024 (t-shirts, graduation practice, senior sunrise, senior bike ride, & field day)

All other inquiries regarding Graduate Services, important dates, & graduation requirements should be sent to Mr. Metzger or Mrs. Naylor.

Senior Class Advisors

Justine Capuson

Senior Class Advisor

Kendra Dietrich

Senior Class Advisor

Senior Principal and Counselors

Shelly Lyden

A-F Counselor

Tyler Arnold

MHS Principal

Liz Hartley

G-M Counselor

Kevin Metzger

Senior Class Assistant Principal 

Michelle Dolezal

N-Z Counselor

Liz Emmons

College/Career & Oaks Counselor

Additional Contacts

Vickie Parker

Administrative Assistant

Darragh Naylor

Counseling Administrative Assistant