GRADUATION REHEARSAL: Friday, May 17th at 7:45am. Attendance is MANDATORY. Students should plan on meeting in the cafeteria anytime after 7:15am to enjoy breakfast before being called into the main gym. All seniors must be present by 7:45am at the latest, as caps and gowns will be distributed before the ceremony rehearsal commences. Please DO NOT be late! Our goal is to have you released before 10:45am; this requires the attention and good behavior of all students!

GRADUATION CEREMONY: Saturday, May 18th at 3:00pm. Students MUST meet in the Cintas banquet room by 2:15pm. Please see the following information regarding the ceremony:

Cintas will be requiring tickets at this year’s graduation.  It will not be assigned seating.  During our graduation rehearsal on Friday, May 17th, each graduate will receive fifteen tickets in an envelope.  If you do not need all fifteen tickets, we ask that the extra tickets be placed into a box that will be available during rehearsal.  If you think you will need more than the fifteen tickets, see if you have friends who have extra tickets that you could have.  Tickets will be collected when entering Cintas the day of graduation.

Dingo Photography has you covered!  There is no need to worry about making sure your seats are close enough or on the right side of the stage to capture your graduate. Dingo Photography will be photographing students as they receive their diploma at graduation and another photo where they will be posed with their diploma. You will then be able to go online at  Click on “Milford High School Graduation 2024” approximately 2 days after the ceremony and look at your professional portraits. You may then place your order, but there is no obligation to purchase.  All graduates will be photographed.  Any questions, please contact Dingo Photography 513-732-9208.

Seniors in Honor Society at vocational campuses are to wear their honor cords with caps/gowns at Milford's graduation ceremony.  Seniors at the Milford campus will receive their cords the morning of rehearsal to wear at graduation.   All members will be identified in the graduation program.

For any urgent inquiries, please email Ms.Kendra Dietrich: