1. Community Service Instructions

Instructions for Senior Community Service Hours

*A printable version (pdf) of these instructions is at the bottom of this page.

Every full-time senior at Milford High School must complete 20 hours of community service to fulfill his/her graduation requirement. Community Service is defined as “Those services designed to improve the quality of life for community residents (general public), particularly low-income individuals, or services designed to solve problems related to their needs”  (National and Community Service Act of 1990).  Students who are full or part time Vocational, Success, or PSEOP are not required to complete these hours.

Step 1: First you need to register on the UGive.org website. This website is our method of tracking and managing your community service hours.  www.UGive.org

Step 2: Then begin to search for community service activities. There are three ways to complete your community service hours:

1.       UGive Activities –All opportunities on the site are approved for you to use. By signing up, you are making a commitment to participate.  Once you participate, you will be given a UGive form that shows your name, activity, and number of hours completed.  Attach the UGive form to the Milford Service Verification Form. Both forms need to be given to Mrs. Willson (B12).

2.       Approved Activities – These activities do not need pre-approval. Simply have your verification form signed.

3.       Pre-Approval Needed – Any activity that a student finds through other various means must be pre-approved by the Senior Advisors using the pre-approval form. To access this form you must log-in to Google. Click on Sign-In, your google email address is firstlastname@mevsd.net ; your password is your School ID.  A senior advisor will approve the activity, approve it conditionally, or refuse the activity and email you at your Google School Account.  Pre-approvals must be submitted no less than one week PRIOR to the start of service.

Step 3: Print out the Milford Service Verification Form and complete it when you finish your service activity. Make sure that you have the signature of the supervisor of the activity (or a UGive confirmation to attach) and the reflection on the second page (Form B) is REQUIRED. Turn all forms in to Mrs. Willson (B12).


To count for credit towards the graduation requirement, the service must meet the following requirements:

  • 20 hours
  • Cannot be completed between 7:15am – 2:05pm on any school day.
  • Under the supervision/in collaboration with a Community Service Partner on the UGive.org website, the approved list, or pre-approval received with an agency not on the list.  (Preapproval must take place 1 week prior to activity.)
  • Not completed for a grade or as part of a course requirement.
  • Not completed for a church, organization or team that you are already a part of. (ie: BoyScouts)
  • Not completed for direct monetary benefit. Collecting Money will not count toward hours.
  • Not performed for a member of the student’s family.
  • Not used to meet another service requirement (Scouts, religious institution, Athletic Team)—no “double-dipping”.
  • If fundraising money, the monies must go to an organization or research, not to an individual person, nor may it benefit you or an organization in which you are a member
    • Ex. You may work for a 5k race that raises money for cancer research, but you may not work for a 5k race that raises money for one individual person.
    • Though, you are always encouraged to work to raise money for those in need, it cannot be counted to your senior community service hours.
  • Verified by a supervising adult other than the student’s parents.
  • Attached reflection of the service is to accompany verification.


***Please note that not all volunteering is considered community service according to the guidelines above and the definition of the National and Community Service Act.


  • Church/Synagogue/Temple-related activities MUST be community outreach activities.  The things that you typically do as a church member do not count:  babysitting during Sunday School, painting, landscaping, filing, raking elderly members leaves, ringing bells for bell choir, etc.
  • DECA—no activities done for DECA, even though service-related, qualify for Senior Service Hours.  These are activities that you do as a DECA member.
  • No double dipping.  Some service hours completed for Student Council do not count toward Senior Service Hours. May need prior approval.
  • Your community service hours CANNOT be earned prior to the commencement ceremony of the preceding senior class.
  • Activities where you benefit directly / indirectly do NOT count.  Examples:  Soccer players painting the stadium; Drama members building a stage; band members collecting money for parking at Miami Meadows for the band (or any other band fundraiser); PSI and Teen Counseling activities, etc.
  • You may not perform community service for a family member.  This means that your parent cannot be the sign off person on your community service form.  Someone else must sign your form and be able to verify your hours.
  • You may NOT complete community service hours during the school day.
  • Community service cannot be done for paid individuals or for-profit organizations.
  • If your activity is not on Ugive.org or the Approved Activities form, you must fill out a pre-approval form to avoid surprises next April.  This is an online google form.



**Once the senior advisor receives the form, a call will be made to verify your hours and your service reflections will be read. 

Then you will only receive notification about your hours

 if they are NOT approved, or if you do not complete the hours.**

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